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Major SPC Changes…Deep South at Risk


The SPC has expanded their latest outlook into portions of Mississippi and Alabama for this afternoon and tonight along the I-22 – 20/59 corridors for the potential of damaging winds and hail as MCS development looks possible with storms and old boundaries moving eastward out of the southern/central plains states.

The tornado threat has also shifted southward into portions of Oklahoma for this afternoon….where areas to the west of Oklahoma City look to be in the best position for tornadic activity due to the best collocated shear and instability coming together.  This was hinted some by morning runs of the RAP model and due to meager destabilization across KS from morning clouds and convection…will likely come to pass.


Severe storms are already blowing up across sections of north Mississippi on a line to impact north Alabama within the next hour or so.  These storms show potential for high wind and hail as they move into portions of the Huntsville and Birmingham warning areas.  We will monitor things closely and keep you updated on the blog and facebook pages if deployment looks likely.  Some of the Alabama Storm Trackers crew could be going out for this threat..along with the StormScapeLIVE gang.  Stay tuned…

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