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Gorgeous Afternoon


A beautiful afternoon has taken place across most of the deep south with the only real cloud cover from the AL/GA line.  Temperatures are ranging from the low 60’s north to mid 70’s south.  These conditions will continue through the afternoon and the temperatures will drop fast this evening as full radiational cooling is expected with little to no cloud deck present.  Expect temperatures to drop into the 40’s overnight.


Now, to our weekend storm situation.  You can see the upper level system sitting off of the California coast that will begin to trek eastward through the four corners region over the next day or so.  Wind shear will increase and the surface will respond with a developing surface low off of the southern lee of the Rockies across southeast Colorado.  The Gulf of Mexico will begin to open up some and allow for moisture to increase across the Texas south plains and portions of the area labeled “Friday Target” on our map above late Thursday and into the daytime period on Friday.  Moisture continues to be the biggest question mark, but conditions favor some severe weather on Friday and maybe a couple of tornadoes.  The bigger day could be on Saturday as a warn frontal axis surges northward ahead of the northeasterly moving surface cyclone.  This should allow a somewhat larger and more unstable air mass to develop across portions of eastern Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.  We fully expect some super cell evolution and a couple of tornadoes before the system begins to occlude and pull further north late Saturday into Sunday. 

At the current time, we still plan to chase this system and have a seat or two available for any interested passengers.  Email me at for more details on the chase departing later on Thursday evening.  Stay tuned to further information as we near the event and departure from our Central Alabama location.  Stay with the Live Storms Network…your leading source of LIVE severe weather video from the field as it’s happening.

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